Xilam (pronounced as Cy-lam) is a French production company that specializes in animated series and feature films. Marc du Pontavice founded it in 1999 after he left Gaumont Multimédia.

The logo features a white stick-figure like man, named Mr. X, walking across the screen, holding a paintbrush and a paint-can. He paints a red X on the floor. As Mr. X backs away, the camera zooms in on the X. The gray letters, "-ilam" appear on the left of the X. That forms the company's name.


Programs such as Shuriken School, Space Goofs, and Oggy and the Cockroaches were internationally successful. In 2003, the company released its first animated feature film, the CGI-based Kaena: The Prophecy, and, in 2005, announced an animated film,Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure that was based on The New Adventures of Lucky Luke. In 2012, they announced Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie.


Animated television series

Purchased from Gaumont



Purchased from Gaumont

  • Dragon Flyz: The Legend Begins (1996; a compilation of the first three episodes of Dragon Flyz)


Other Productions

Purchased by Gaumont

  • Monster Men (Single version of the opening song in the series Space Goofs; performed by Iggy Pop)


  • Stupid Invaders (2000) (Video game adapted from the series, Space Goofs)
  • Do not panic on board (Single version of the opening song in the series Ratz; distributed by Sony Music)