"Wishing Powder" is the 8th episode from Season 1 of the animated series, A Kind of Magic.


Before Tom and Jojo are allowed to camp in the backyard (garden), there's only one condition. They have do the laundry first, but the boys make a mistake. They use Willow’s magic powder instead of the soap powder. A Laundry Monster appears, creating havoc in town. Tom uses the magic powder to bring a comic book super hero into the real world.

When Tom sends Jojo into the comic strip to replace him, he’s supposed to save a young woman in distress while the hero deals with the Laundry Monster. But with the superhero missing, the other comic characters do whatever they feel like! The next day, Tom is going to have to persuade Jojo that he dreamed the entire incident!



  • Jojo
  • Lady-in Distress
  • Professor Pickadoolo
  • Laundry Monster
  • Super-Duper Guy


  • His Highness

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