Willow is a fairy, the mother of Tom and Cindy, Gregore's wife and one of the main characters of the animated series, A Kind of Magic.


In spite of having been banished from Fairyland that she knew, Willow doesn't worry at all. Being a fairy who has lived in the Real World has given her an eternal optimism that she retains in her life with her family. The harsh realities of her new home are unable to shake her confidence that Good will always triumph over Evil.


Willow is optimistic, light-hearted, positive, motherly and carefree. She also has a mischievous streak as seen in Meet The Parents and Framed!. She believes good will always triumph over evil. She can be stern when she has to be and she can be overprotective which is shown in Wishing Powder. Willow is also a strong woman who stays true to her heritage and who she is. While she tries to fit in the Real World, she refuses to forget who and what she is.

She also stands for herself, doesn't let anyone take her for granted and doesn't let the world get her down. Underneath her happy, positive and carefree personality, Willow is a very intelligent woman. However, she is ditsy and naive.


Willow is slender with fair skin, light purple hair, light blue wings and blue eyes.


In the Real World, she wears a pink dress with a purple belt, purple star earrings and purple boots. In Fairyland, her hair is longer, reaching down to her waist. She also dresses in an orange dress with a leafy hem.

When in pajamas, she was a forest green long pants and a cream-yellow tank top.

Powers and Abilities

Even as a fairy in the Real World and Fairyland, she uses her wings and flight. Also, she uses her magic with her wand to do anything.

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