What Were You Doing in Electro City When the Lights Went Off? is the eleventh (thirty-second (sixth) on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician.


Professor Jonathan Surge was visiting his lab when he suddenly disappears. No one knows where went. Meanwhile, Ace has a new trick he performing for the first time in the Ring Theater. It consists of himself getting pulled towards a gigantic magnet, which he then takes out and depletes all of its energy, using himself as a catalyst. While he disables the magnet with electricity, the whole system shorts out, taking all of Electro City's power with it. Nothing works anymore.

The Surge batteries, a kind of battery that runs eternally, are all dead. Ace investigates while more batteries fail until the whole city is without power. Friedrich is trapped in an elevator, the Croesus Palace is unable to run its games and Sonny Boy, who first gloats that everything is going according to plan, finds that the Surge Industries is dropping. While searching for Prof. Surge, Ace and Cosmo are confronted by Sonny Boy, who tells them that his father has "retired".

He never liked his father, because his dad never had time for him. In a flashback, Young Sonny Boy shows his a great rock he has found, but Daddy Surge has no time for him. He is under pressure to deliver a cold fusion battery which he fails to do, and his deadline is approaching. Unnerved by his son, he abusively gives a him a slap in the face. Sonny cries out and his high yell activates what looks like a turning fork. The ultra sound waves activates the fusion inside the batteries and the Surge Batteries are born. Ace and Cosmo escapes the goons.

Later on, Ace follows a suspicious looking guard to a hidden place inside the Surge Labs. There he finds the professor, who was nearly assassinated by his son, as he tells Ace and only because one of Sonny's men secretly works for Surge Sen. He also tells Ace that if Sonny gets rid of him, the secret of the batteries will die with him. The batteries have no patent pending, no one knows how they work.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich
  • Lieutenant Derek Vega
  • Professor Jonathan Surge
  • Sensa-News Newscaster


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