Vladimir Keitawa is a character and one of Shuriken School's three teachers from the animated series, Shuriken School.


When he was of the three teachers at Shuriken School, he has a really long middle name. He comes from Russia, has great physical strength and has a weakness for attractive women.


He has a great physical strength and describing his personality, he is highly sensitive, but he often gets nostalgic and not as self-confident as his appearance implies.


He is slender and muscular with fair skin and brown hair at the tip of his head and with his beard and mustache. Also, he wears a blue and black ninja suit.

Role in the episode

Vlad once pretended to be a foreign exchange student named "Ed" in the episode "Vlad's Past", as it is revealed that although he teaches at Shuriken School, he is not a certified teacher because, due to his extreme phobia of tests, he did not pass the stealth and evasion course.

Eizan and the gang disguise him as an exchange student and help him hide from the inspector, who is after Vlad to expose him. After conquering his fear and fooling Kubo and the inspector, it is proven that he has passed the course, making him a certified Ninja Teacher.

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