Vega Gate is the sixth (thirty-ninth, but final (thirteenth) on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician.


A famous singer, Ritchie Valenti arrives at Electro City for the first time in fifteen years. Vega is at the harbor where he arrived, not happy at all. He leaves a letter in Valeti's car. Friedrich receive an anonymous call about meeting between a blackmailer and his victim in the following night. It's Vega whose meeting with Valenti. Vega smacks the singer, grabs the suitcase and takes off. When the police catches him, the suitcase breaks open and he gets arrested.

The next morning at the Express, Cosmo is interviewing Senator Dobbs, when Angel announces Miss LeSage. She's surprised to see Dobbs, but it turns it's really Ace. She sadly and awfully tells them that Vega has been arrested and charged with bribery and extortion. Ace learns that Vega's bail is $150,000,000 Electro dollars. Ace visits Vega in prison and asks him what happened. But Vega remained silent. Ace pays the bail, but is informed that it will take some time for the paperwork to go through. Friedrich tells Ace, that Vega has already been involved in a scandal with Valenti fifteen years ago.

Angel learns that something happened but it's labeled top secret and she can't open the file. Cosmo tries, no luck. Ace suggest to get the information directly from the source. At the police headquarters, Cosmo distracts the guards while Ace slips inside. He sneaks into Friedrich's office where he learned that Vega attacked Valenti fifteen years ago (2014) that he was found guilty of aggravated assault on the same victim as last night, but agreed to remain silent. Before Ace can get more information, Friedrich returns and Ace gets away. Miss LeSage sneaks into Valenti's apartment dressed as the cleaning woman.

She learns that with his knowledge his two henchmen plans to rob houses of those people who visits his concert. She tells Ace, who now has the almost have the mystery solved. Vega is set free and goes to the Ring Theater to confront Valenti. Ace and Cosmo arrive at the theater, knocking out Valenti's henchmen. Vega remembers how he figured out Valenti's scheme fifteen years ago, but had no proof.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich
  • Miss LeSage
  • Senator Dobbs
  • Sensa-News Newscaster
  • Two Electro City Prisoners (neutral)


  • Clockwise
  • Ritchie Valenti
  • Ratso and Roscoe

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