Tupu is a character and the titular main protagonist from the animated series of the same name.


Tupu is a barefoot wild girl who has been raised in Central Park and lives in the big oak tree. She gets along well with Norton, and can speak to animals as well as understand them. She is always often hunted by Shoobz, but always manages to escape being captured.

She taught herself to speak the language of humans, by paying attention to the cacophony of voices that she hears every day. She even knows how to read a little because it was exerted on old newspapers, various packaging, signs and even a few comics forgotten in the park.

Tupu dislikes anyone who mistreats animals and nature. She is often accompanied by her squirrel friend, Whatzup. She isn't known by anyone other than Shoobz or Norton! To everyone else she is just a normal girl from New York, only Norton really knows where she lives.


She is a feral, wild child who was full of boundless energy, imagination and an insatiable curiosity, but also, her personality is child-like, friendly, funny, energetic, mischievous and playful, like all children of New York.

Physical appearance

Tupu is slender with fair skin and orange freckles on her face with her emerald green eyes and in addition, she has beautiful long orange hair. Also, with her clothing, she wears a light blue short sleeved shirt with a pink vest and bright green shorts.


  • Tupu is similar and reminiscent to Mowgli from Disney's The Jungle Book and she is one of the characters to go barefoot.