Tom is Cindy's brother, the main protagonist and one of the main characters from the animated series, A Kind of Magic.



Clever, spontaneous and mischievous, Tom has the presence of mind of a boy who has had to take care of himself from very young. Thanks to his limitless imagination and instinctive quick reflexes, he is able to convince anyone of anything.

This skill is very useful to his absent-minded family members who are always forgetting they no longer live in a world of magical creatures.


Tom is a slender humanoid hybrid (half ogre and half fairy) with fair skin and blush pink cheeks, brown hair and brown eyes.


In the Real World, he wears a red shirt, blue jeans and white shoes. In Fairyland, he wears a ruby red shirt with a white collar and a dark red belt with a golden buckle, black pants and dark maroon shoes. When in pajamas, he wears a olive-moss green long sleeved shirt and pants.