The Cruise is the thirty-second (fifteenth on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on June 12, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


Electro City's most popular Celebrities including Ace Cooper and Mona Malone, are enjoying the cruise of Nova when it suddenly hits something and starts sinking. Mona falls over but Ace saves her with his cape. He stays on the ship and rescues a child from being crushed before he falls into the water. He then emerges alongside with Cosmo and Mona on their lifeboat.

The next day, Ace is upset about not using his magic during the sinking so he checks out the wreck before the official investigation began. He goes scuba diving and discovers a large hole in the hull of the ship but almost lost his life confronting some large robots. Ace survives the ordeal and then goes with Cosmo to police headquarters to explain the situation to Vega. While there, they see Mr. Wolfe, curator of the Metropolitan Museum, who tells them about solid gold Mayan statues being a part of the Nova's cargo. Ace and Cosmo returns to the sunken ship. But they saw no Mayan statues.

Learning from which direction the robots came from, they go through a graveyard of sunken ships and run into more robots. Cosmo almost lost his air but Ace share some of his, and the two make it into some sort of treasure cove. There they find both Wolfe and Mr. Glam, a sea pirate who has robbed ships for years. When Ace and Cosmo gets closer, Cosmo accidentally sets off an alarm and they got captured. Vega worries when Ace is overdue goes after him. Later, Ace and Cosmo face a future by Glam.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrichs
  • Lieutenant Derek Vega
  • Barry Raven
  • Miss LeSage (mentioned)
  • Mona Malone


  • Ritchie Vilanti (cameo)
  • Mr. Glam & Mr. Wolfe

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