The Challenge is the thirteenth (ninth on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on April 24, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


D.J. Mikkus was about to leave the DNA Club to go home for the night when he runs into an army of six-legged robots. He becomes the latest contestant in a maniacal and mad game show, and he gets pushed off for not answering a question. Ace, Cosmo, and Vega go to the hospital to try to figure what really happen.

Cosmo then, explains about the game show interrupting regular programming and how the same commercials appear. Ace suddenly gets a phone call from the show's host saying a poetry clue on either who or which it will be the next victim. They figure it was Zelda, Cosmo's friend. Zelda had a problem herself because her motorcycle makes it 240 miles per hour, but Ace and Cosmo saved her.

Back at the Magic Express, Ace, Cosmo, and Vega learn who is behind all this and the game's host, Patrick Shoemaker. Ace started his own show and according to Angel, Shoemaker blamed Ace for the fall from fame. Shoemaker then calls Ace and challenges him to play as a contestant in order to guess the next victim. With no choice Ace and Cosmo decided to go to the stupid game show. However, the game show was full of traps and weapons, will Ace and Cosmo know the next contestant?




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Lieutenant Derek Vega
  • D.J. Mikkus
  • Hotchkiss
  • Zelda


  • Patrick Shoemaker


  • Before the game show, Bud (as a Committee of Tenants member) from the animated series, Space Goofs along with the episode, Toon In, Drop Out seeing him getting erased by Ducky with an eraser was shown on the screen as a cameo appearance.

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