Takako is a character, an anthropomorphic fly, Hubert's best friend, the deuteragonist and one of the two main characters from the animated series, Hubert and Takako. She is voiced by Marieve Herington.


She is a very flirtatious fly without her such thoughts. Getting her head in the air, she spends her time to stick with her best friend, Hubert.


Independent, lovely, flirtatious and rebellious to the end of her wings, she invests 200% in everything that she does and results Hubert in adventures whose consequences are often devastating. She is also deliciously out-of-control and disproportionate.

Physical appearance

She is a small anthropomorphic fly who has a circular head with a long nose, yellow eyes with purple eyelashes, very thin and slender black arms, hands, legs and feet, lollipop pink lips, lavender wings on her back and purple with black doodle-style fur.


  • The character was based from a feminine Japanese given name.

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