Stop Clowning Around is the sixteenth (thirteenth on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on June 18, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


Ace and Cosmo are enjoying the circus when a ceiling prop goes away, ruining the ringmaster's life. Ace goes to rescue Ace's old friend, Yukiko. The next, Ace, Yukiko, and Cosmo learned about the sabotaged equipment and implement a plan to expose the sabotager to save the circus from being closed. Only moments after the Magic Express arrives at the circus, someone taunts the elephants with mice and opens the cage causing a stampede. Yokiko and Ace rounded up the elephants in the streets of Electro City with no one getting hurt. Using a special dust on the cage door, Ace notices a large set of fingerprints which seems to belong to the strongman of the circus, Igor Strongor. Ace confronts him, but Strongor knocked himself out when he runs into a wall.

Then, Ace and Cosmo overhears a conversation between Yukiko and Black Jack's lawyer, Mr. Clockwise who wants Yokiko to sell the property of the circus to let Black Jack build a new casino. When Clockwise gets Spade and Diamond to finish her, Ace and Cosmo saves her. Knowing the whole circus is in danger, Cosmo checks on the popular clown named Harmanis and his orangutan partner Greg to make sure they're all right. Cosmo then found a strange device underneath the trailer but gets knocked out and taken away.

He later finds himself in a lion cage and was about to be attacked by a lion when Yukiko's panther Kim Cougar keeps the lion at bay. Cosmo and Yokiko gets the show started while Ace found a clue with large fingerprints. Ace discovers Harmanis to be the sabotager who sent Greg to do the work. After confronting Spade, Diamond, and two other henchmen, Ace deals with Harmanis. But the vengeful clown releases a hanging car with a toxic bomb in the trunk.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich
  • Yukiko
  • Kim Cougar
  • Igor Strongor
  • Greg (Note: He used to work for Harmanis and at the end, he betrayed him and also reformed.)


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