Stereo Monovici is the crimson-red skinned alien, the bookworm of the aliens and one of the main characters from the animated series, Space Goofs. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett in Season 1 and Danny Mann in Season 2.


Stereo is the tallest, slender red-skinned alien that has two heads. He is the overall bookworm of the house, always accumulating information no matter how important that is. Also, he is usually found reading or arguing with his other head.

He is a very smart alien, but his intelligence is wasted on the most useless information often, for example, he has the ability to calculate any object or everything else, including the exact length of a roll of toilet paper for a regiment of 500 parachutists or the number of sixteenth notes in a cantata by J.S. Bach. Plus, he lives in a closed world and ends up answering questions and some facts.


His personality is very smart, but intelligent according to the information, he was ultra-talkative and repetitive, plus he accumulates an encyclopedic glut of utterly worthless knowledge.


He is a slender crimson red-skinned alien with two heads, duck-like feet, three dog ear-like hair strands in each head (six hairs in two heads), white eyes with green iris and one lavender tongue in each mouth (two tongues).

Other Names

There are other names and nicknames that Stereo has been called and referred to by the characters and from various episodes.


  • Stereo was written out of the second season, because the viewers and even Xilam described his personality that was considered "very weak". However, he did return for two episodes, Other World Champs and U.F.O..
  • Despite being written out of season two, the theme song, Monster Men still sings five little monsters (except four).

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