Sharko (formerly known as Good Shark) is a character, a strong, friendly shark and the main protagonist from the animated series, Zig and Sharko.



Sharko is sweet and protective of Marina and will do anything to protect her. He tends to get very jealous when other people hit on her, and isn't afraid to butt heads with them for her affection.

He is very serious when it comes to fighting off threats to her life, such as Zig and his friend Bernie. He is a very willing person, often doing whatever Marina is doing to keep her happy, even though he occasionally realizes that Marina's desires can result in some dangerous consequences (See episodes, "Nurse Marina", "Mermaid in the Sky", and "Goofy Astronauts").

He also has an obsession with Table Tennis even going as far as to abandon Marina and leave her with his idiotic hammerhead shark cousin (See, "Hammer Head Cousin"). Sharko seems to have some sort of flirtatious side to him (See, "The Manic Mermaid"). He gets embarrassed when his parents come even though he is around the age of 40. Even though he finds clever ways to comically defeat Zig, he has been shown to have a small brain about half the size of Bernie. Despite his hate for Zig's antics, it's revealed he becomes very lonely and sad without Zig around to beat him up (See "Goin' Home").


He is a slender and muscular shark with gray skin, white teeth and gold yellow eyes with scarlet-crimson red iris.

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