Schubert Shoobz is a character, a caretaker (park manager) of Central Park and the main antagonist from the animated series, Tupu.


When he is the former head chief of the archives of the fourth basement of the Town Hall, Shoobz worked as a park manager in Central Park. His obsession for order (a real OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)), had earned him a promotion. For his job and goal, he is constantly trying to capture Tupu, and prove her existence so people don't think he's crazy, but failed.

Today, he has the great honor to lead the symbol of New York City , Central Park. Also, he performs his task with the precision of a clock and also lives with his overbearing mother.


Shoobz is always in a grumpy, bad-tempered, and foul mood. Fortunately it is too ridiculous that he was using to be really dangerous. Although some problems with Norton and Tupu, Shoobz is not actually terrorizing.

Physical appearance

Shoobz is short and obese with fair skin along with a bald head with mahogany hair on both sides and eyebrows and he wears glasses.