Professor Cosmo is the thirty-eighth (twentieth on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on July 3, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


Cosmo is nearly late for an inventors' competition, but he got to exhibition hall just in time to demonstrate his invention, a mental wavelength modifier. Down in the lobby, Ace is busy signing autographs to his fans when he notices another contestant named Van Scott in trouble with Spade and Diamond. Ace tries to help, but only for Diamond to use Van Scott's invention, a robot to attack Ace and cause trouble in the contest. Cosmo used his invention to stop the robot and ends up winning first place.

At this point, Cosmo decided it's time to say good bye to Ace and look towards his own future. Black Jack does not have the robot but he has the remote control so he used it to get the robot away from the police. Back at the Magic Express, Ace practices his newest trick while Cosmo considers loads of offers. When they both found out that the robot is loose again, Cosmo goes to work and Ace goes to Angel. Black Jack uses the robot to steal some weapons but Cosmo stops the robot again. The short is only temporary though, as Black Jack regains control, captures Cosmo, and destroys the modifier.

Black Jack is about to finish Cosmo when the robot shorts out again and Ace comes to rescue in his heavy artillery gear. Unfortunate for Ace, Black Jack uses Cosmo as a hostage and in the ensuing chase. Ace gets thrown from a car and lands in a day-care center. He then finds Van Scott and saves him from Spade and Diamond. Ace then learns more about the robot. Later, the robot takes Cosmo to a luxury hotel. Could this be the end for Cosmo?




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Jonathan Surge
  • Van Scott
  • Professor Lars with X-Oshi



  • The late Hollywood comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy was mentioned by Diamond when Van Scott was tied up.

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