Principal of Katana is the principal of Katana School, a character and the secondary antagonist of the animated series, Shuriken School.


Everyone fears this mysterious man who radiates power. He manages Katana School, the best ninja school in Tokirohama and his fame as a great ninja precedes him, although no one has ever seen him in action before.

He is usually seated in his dark office, planning strategies to bring Shuriken to an end or listening to all the gossip that Naginata tells him, but like all ominous leaders, he doesn't socialize with anyone, except Naginata and his ever-present pet ninja chick.

His deep voice, emphatic gestures and red eyes like flames are more than enough to ensure that nobody dares to challenge him. He is the devil.


He is muscular with his dark and black shadow on his head with grey hair. And also, he wears a salmon-red and black ninja suit with salmon-red boots and various weapons on his back and a boomerang-like machete on his ninja belt.


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