Pork is a character, an anthropomorphic pig and one of the students from the animated series, Shuriken School.


His life is an enigma and he is, perhaps, the most mysterious of all the Shuriken School students. He appears to be an anthropomorphic pig, and is apparently mute (except for a small grunt in "An XXL Lie").

The only thing known about him is that he lives alone in an attic flat in the European district of Tokirohama. His enrollment at Shuriken is a mystery. He does the exercises his own way. He appears and disappears whenever he wants. And even though he is not the most popular kid in class, he is selected class representative.


His attitude and personality is incredibly calm and shy, he never talks and can stare for a long time without blinking once. He is quite concerned about his look and likes to show up impeccable style. As a ninja, he is excessively calm. Apparently, nothing affects him. however, no one knows how far he might go.


He is short, slender with cotton-candy pink skin and also wears a golden orange and salmon-red kimono with very dark brown pants and white shoes on his hooves.

Powers and abilities

His greatest skill (recognized worldwide, even though they do not know this at Shuriken School) was that he communicates and plays with musical instruments, which he is proficient in using with incredible ease. Music is his passion.

He is also very good at detecting the purpose and personality of disguised and supernatural enemies such as in the episodes "Funny Chick" and "The Demon and Mrs. Clean" respectively, where he detects that the Chick has foul purposes and tries to get the group to stop it, and that the demon messing up the place is really a possessed Mrs. Clean, thus he is not afraid of it unlike the others, but rather enjoys the actions of the former.


  • Pork is one of the two characters who did not speak (except a grunt, only in An XXL Lie) including Doku.

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