Okuni Dohan is a 10-year old student, the leader, one of Eizan's friends (also Eizan's girlfriend) and the tritagonist from the animated series, Shuriken School.


Okuni was born on Rodas Island, in a small house in the fisherman's district. She was wanted to be a ninja since she was small, but her parents wanted her to help with the family chores by mending nets. Also, she had brothers and sisters.

Therefore, as soon as she could, she enrolled at Shuriken, where she soon stood out for her sensibility and organizational skills. Thanks to her fishing experience, she is an expert knot-maker, which is quite handy in climbing class. She is the leader of the first-year class, the sole member of the main group, and the most well-studied of them. She also has quite a short fuse, and has a crush on Eizan.


There is a rivalry between her and the Kimura Twins from Katana and is also a hinted rivalry between her and Ami.

Powers and Abilities

She frequently cites examples from important lessons, and possesses great deductive skills and origami talent. Her primary weapon of choice is a jump-rope.


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