Nobunaga is one of Shuriken School's students and one of the main characters of the animated series, Shuriken School.


His family is known in the area for its voracious appetite and because he comes from a long line of sumo wrestlers. They are full fat (obese) and friendly and the whole neighborhood likes them.

Despite the arguments caused at home, Nobunaga starts at Shuriken School. This is truly vocational for him. Everyone accepts him just as he is and, in spite of his limitations, he sets some goals for himself, passing the physical trials and controlling his food addiction.

His tremendous spirit of improvement sets a example for the rest of their classmates, whom he wins over right away with his good nature. He is most well-liked and the person with the most friends, both in and out of Shuriken School.

As a ninja, Nobunaga has one advantage: he is the strongest. He is stronger than all the rest together, and this makes up for his shortcomings and helps him save his classmates from dangerous situations.


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