No Dice is the thirty-fourth (twenty-sixth on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on June 18, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


At the Sunset Casino, Ace was looking for Cosmo when he accidentally bumps into a strange person. Ace follows the strange man into a secret room and discovers he planted a bomb. Ace was caught by the stranger and got stunned while the bomb is heading into the main area of the casino.

As for Cosmo, two of Sonny Boy's henchmen throws him out, since Sonny owns the casino and does not welcome Ace and his friends. Ace wakes up and manages to evacuate the casino and was almost killed. Back at the Magic Express, Angel explains the potency of the bomb and tells the only way to prevent the explosion is to keep it at a colder temperature. All of a sudden, Ace gets a call from the same stranger who blew up Sunset Casino saying that he will blow up another casino to put addicted gamblers out of their misery. Ace meets Vega at the police headquarters and learns that someone has demanded exactly $2,307,680 (Electro dollars) from the DNA Club & Casino.

There, Ace, Vega, and Cosmo found the stranger disguised as a woman. Ace discovers the bomb and cools it down with freezing water. Vega evacuates everyone out of the casino safely while Cosmo goes after the suspect. Ace has to save one gambler who refuses to leave without her money. The bomb goes off, but with a little magic from Ace, Ace saves the woman and escapes out of danger.

At the Express, Ace, Cosmo, and Vega learned the bomber's identity named, Joe Tucker the only man who lost the betting of $2,307,680 from the Sunset Casino, the DNA Club, and the Croesus Palace. Ace knows Mona is giving a concert at the Croesus so now she's in danger too. Ace and Vega go there to evacuate the people and find Tucker who's in a different disguise. Tucker holds Black Jack and Mona hostage while Ace tries to look for the bomb. Ace found Tucker but got knocked out by Spade and Diamond who then got stunned by Tucker. Time is ticking out for Ace and Cosmo.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich
  • Lieutenant Derek Vega
  • Miss LeSage
  • Mona Malone


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