Naginata is an 11-year old student of Katana, a character, Eizan's arch-nemesis and the main antagonist of the animated series, Shuriken School.


Although his family does not have much money, Naginata was accepted at Katana. This leads us suspect that he may have family ties with the Principal of Katana, besides the fact that Naginata is the only student the latter speaks to. Everything about Naginata and his family has a mystic and mysterious halo. He hates Eizan and his goal is to destroy him.

Despite his slender, thin, pale appearance and the dark circles under his eyes, which makes him look rather sinister, selfish, evil, twisted, tricky, and villainous with goofy buck teeth, he is the leader of the students at Katana.

He and his group sucks up to the Principal of Katana and usually cheats in battles where he's losing. He is also the only one of his gang that is not afraid of him. He has an intense rivalry with Eizan, having lost against him in the episode, "The Winning Ninja".

Powers and Abilities

He is not specially strong physically, or agile, nor does he stand out in the use of ninja weapons, but he has mastered the mystical and dark arts of the ninja like no one else. In fact, one of his best weapons is deceit, using trickery, disappearance and even causing his opponents to have visions sometimes. His Achilles' heal is face-to-face combat.


  • Naginata is voiced by Maurice LaMarche who provided the voice of Daisuke Togakame, Kubo and Zumichito and also the voice of Etno from Space Goofs and Rintindumb from the series of the same name.
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