Marcos Gonzalez is one of Shuriken School's students and one of the main characters of the animated series, Shuriken School.


A Latin-American student who came to Shuriken School to hide from a vicious, ruthless, villainous and murderous group called the 3-Saints Gang from Mexico. It turned out that he ran to Shuriken because he saw them with their masks off. Thinking they were after him, he hid in Shuriken.

It was proven in the episode "An XXL Lie" that they abandoned their masks to become Midwestern singers, making his whole escape pointless. He is very sly, stealthy, and mysterious, and he wears sunglasses in order to hide his face. He excels in covert strikes, and possesses all-around good skills in other fields as well along with the art of concealment and one-in-one combat.


He is slender with fair skin, and wears glasses and also, wears a black ninja suit.

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