Malone is a character, a former Mime, one of Kortan's henchmen and one of the antagonists from the animated series, Highlander.


He is a former Mime, that he serves as the "human key" to Kortan's weapons locker and court jester. His original memories were erased by Kortan's "oblivion chamber" device.


Despite his childlike behavior and personality, he can be quite cunning and devious. And despite everything he appears to be consistently loyal to Kortan. But also, he is wonderfully funny, amusing, and foolish.

Physical appearance

Describing his appearance, Malone is slender with fair skin, but also bare-chested with green lightning-shaped tattoos and on his arms, he has two pink lightning bolt-shaped tattoos. Plus he has long white female-like hair and wears a black masquerade mask with a witch-like white-cone shaped nose. Also, he wears black arm sleeves with orange jingle-bells and black pants with gray spikes on his legs.

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