Mad Train is the third (both on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on March 13, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


Senator Dobbs, Electro City's leader wants to give his new Circus Amusement Park and himself a big publicity stunt, Ace Cooper proposes on making the big disappear. Unfortunately, they and the senator's secretary experience elevator problems when a computer hacker sets off a bomb. The hostage taker has set up explosives on the stairs as well to keep the police at bay.

Cosmo and Angel introduces a computer virus into the City Hall's mainframe, stalling the hostage taker long enough for Ace and the others to escape safely. Accused Dobbs is not truthful about his financial records, Ace meets Lt. Vega at the police at police headquarters and discovers the identity of the hostage taker: Bill Peach, a former city hall employee who stumbled upon Dobbs' embezzling of funds from the building of the park and who tried to tell the police about it but got thrown out.

Later, Ace and Vega confront two men that Dobbs was sent to kill Peach. Ace and Vega find Peach's trick mannequin and learn his plan to use the Magic Express to destroy the park. Peach puts a virus into the Magic Express's control system, sending it on it's way to demolish with the park. Cosmo in his workshop, was too busy playing a video game so much his mind was in the video game and he can't focus on what's going on. He realize the problem when the train crashes the police barrier.

Catching up by helicopter, Ace jumps on the train and now has two problems. Getting past his own defenses to get into the train and then riding on his own Magic Bike with Peach controlling everything. After he seemingly gets run over by the Express, he manages to sneak in by Cosmo's trap door. Time is running out though, as Ace tries to get the main engine, Cosmo tries to reboot Angel's original software, and Vega crashes into Peach, breaking Peach's remote control.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich
  • Lieutenant Derek Vega
  • Senator Dobbs
  • Shirley Linguist
  • Miss LeSage

City Hall Employees

  • William Stark Morris
  • Phil Arden Newman Claiborne


  • Bill Peach

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