Kortan is a character, a former Immortal and the main (primary) antagonist from the animated series, Highlander.


Kortan was the one immortal that he refuses on taking an oath of peace throughout the Immortals that were eager to receive "The Prize". He gets into a sword fight with Connor MacLeod, the only person to fight him back, where MacLeod is ultimately killed.


Kortan is a cruel, villainous, ruthless, deadly and dangerous individual who believes in giving no quarter, and maintaining his reign through fear and aggression. He does not appear to be grossly overconfident, however, and is intent on killing Quentin MacLeod before he can become a true threat.

Physical appearance

His appearance was slender and muscular with his pale-skinned face, his round and yellow eyes with black, but tinted bruises under his eyes. He wears a black armor suit with a black hood on his face, a gray and green cape with green (with circular bolts) borders on his shoulders, a green emerald on the center, a green belt with a yellow lightning bolt design and on his feet he wears black boots with yellow borders on top.

Powers and Abilities

Befitting his villainous nature, Kortan tends to rely on power and a relentless offense in single combat. He uses a large two-handed broadsword (with a skull on top), but is apparently strong enough to wield it effortlessly in one (in several episodes he's shown to possess a degree of superhuman strength).

Role in the series

After civilization was wiped out in The Great Catastrophe, the remaining Immortals gave up the game and swore an oath to guide humanity back to prosperity. The only one who refused to take the oath was Kortan, even going so far as to say that with all the other immortals taking an oath of non-combat he should be default claim The Prize. He beheaded Connor MacLeod after getting in a sword fight with Kortan, though not before he uttered a prophecy that another Highlander would take his place, and strike him down.

With the Jettators unwilling to stop him, because of their oath, Kortan built himself the empire of Mogonda. After Quentin MacLeod, the new Highlander previously predicted, became Immortal, Kortan began devoting most of his attention to destroying him.

After 700 years, he acquires a army for the dominance of the post-apocalyptic Earth. He sends out armies to all corners of the Earth causing all sorts of madness, until killed by Quentin MacLeod with the help of other Immortals at his support.

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