Hubert and Takako (known as Hubert et Takako in French) is a French animated comedy series which is produced by Marc du Pontavice at Xilam.

It is created and directed by Hugo Gittard and premiered in France on 3 November 2013 on Canal+ Family. 78 episodes of 8 minutes are produced. The opening sequence is composed by Vincent Artaud.


Just about any pig would adapt pretty easily to the presence of a fly, but for Hubert, who aspires to becoming the archetype of the modern, clean-cut guy, Takako is messing up his plans!

This deliciously out-of-control fly is that little glitch in Hubert’s well oiled cogs. Worst, she accepts him just the way he is. But isn’t that what true friendship is all about?


  • Hubert - An anthropomorphic world class pig. - (Voiced by BJ Oakie)
  • Takako - An flirtatious and out of control anthropomorphic fly. - (Voiced by Lindsay Torrance)

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