Hubert is a character, an anthropomorphic pig, the protagonist and one of the two main characters of the animated series, Hubert and Takako. He is voiced by B.J. Oakie.


As for him, he would certainly have a little more peace in a tidy life, but it can, in no case without his great friend, as unpredictable and electrifying as it is.


He is a very sophisticated pig at the forefront of fashion. He forgets that he comes from the country and hates to be reminded. Also, his personality is funny, quiet, enthusiastic, calm, snooty, clean-obsessed (just like Candy from Space Goofs) and friendly on such occasions, but also when he is scared, he uses to be cowardly.

Physical Description

He is the most and greatest world-class pig with urban and stylish fashions, but he sees himself as a perfect gentleman. But in reality it is full of complex and made tons to hide his rustic origins.


He is an anthropomorphic pig who has golden dandelion yellow skin with a golden orange hair tuft and bags on his eyes, hooves on his hands and feet, a huge cotton candy pink nose and salmon-orange lips and a curly, springy tail.