Gregore is an ogre, the father of Tom and Cindy, Willow's husband and one of the main characters from the animated series, A Kind of Magic.


Gregore finds it hard to live in the hard economic reality of the Real World. He's more sensitive to his responsibility than his wife Willow, but both are so disconnected from reality that their children tend to be the ones that resolve the problems created by their parents.


Despite giving up of being a reformed ogre, he is a sweet, benevolent, gentle and responsible father of Tom and Cindy. Also, he is fatherly, always a little bit clumsy, good-natured, kind, happy, but cowardly and scared of anything (but the dentist).

Towards a difficult personality when he doesn't like Candy's antics and mischief along with Ferocia's laughing, name callings and insulting towards him except anything that's happening to him, he uses to be angry, aggressive, short (but hot) tempered, grumpy, serious, and always mean.


Gregore is very big, muscular and 9 feet tall (according to the Newscaster) with red hair, a mahogany red beard and brown eyes.


In the Real World, he wears a yellow shirt with two pockets, a black belt, maroon pants and black boots.

For his pajamas, he wears a teal-blue shirt, light-aqua white shorts and maroon slippers.

In Fairyland, he wears a Robin Hood-like green shirt with a black belt, coffee brown pants and black boots.

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