Ferocia is a character, Tom and Cindy's aunt, a witch, an anti-hero (also a villain (main antagonist) when she had powers) and a neutral character from the animated series, A Kind of Magic.


Unlike the other members of the family, this witch finds her deportation unbearable when she lost her powers due to a (negative) emotional outburst. She feels nostalgic for her old country and dreams of finding a way to recover her powers and return to the kingdom to wreak havoc and restore terror. She hates almost everything about the real world, except crimes, reality shows, and driving her motorcycle. She is always in a bad mood and shouts furiously when she speaks.


Many words describe Ferocia that her personality has: Neutral, horrible, terrible, nasty, mean (sometimes), cruel, wicked and a pain in the rear, but also neutral. She delights in causing mayhem, even for her own family. She laughed when her brother planned to rob her sister and brother-in-law of all their savings and she enjoyed frightening Tom with the idea of being forgotten if his parents had more children.

She adores tormenting Gregore and will take every opportunity to torment him. She also likes to taunt His Highness about his ugliness. Ferocia has a macabre sense of humor and sees horror films as comedies. When she had her powers she was a villain to be feared.


Ferocia is a really short woman, only a few inches taller than Tom. She is also fat with a wide body, short arms and tiny hands and feet. Her skin is pale light-purple white, her hair is black and she has dull brown eyes. Her mouth has been described as toady and she always wears bright red lipstick. Her hair is styled in a butterfly style. She also wears deep blue and dull purple eye shadow.


In the Real World, Ferocia wears a knee length purple dress with a black belt and matching boots. In Fairyland, she wears a similar dress but dark blue in color and a dark orange, crescent moon-shaped amulet hangs from her neck. Her hair is also much longer.

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