Faceless is the twenty-second (twelfth on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician. It was aired on May 15, 1999 on Fox Kids and also originally in 1997.


At the Surge Consortium, Prof. Jonathan Surge himself introduces the new non-polluting battery. Ace the guest there hears a rumbling noise and investigates the newest room with one of the security guards. Both received a surprise attack from a woman with no face. Ace tried to stop her but she outmatched Ace. Hours later, Surge is angry about the theft of the silicon rods and without know understanding the reason.

Ace learns that her name is Faceless from Vega, the most evil, clever, sadistic, ruthless, deadly, merciless, lethal, stealthy and villainous thief in Electro City. She also been hired by Black Jack to stop Sonny Boy who has been incriminating evidence which could put Black in jail. Faceless starts having much fun to the dismay of Ace who finds the Magic Express particularly trashed along with one of her riddles, Vega is caught sleeping on the job by Capt. Friedrichs via the newspaper, and Black Jack who wants Faceless to stick to the job at hand. Ace and Cosmo decipher the riddle and gets set for a midnight meeting on the dock. Faceless steals a titanium tube from a factory (that looks exactly like a bomb) just as she confronts Ace.

Things get worse for Ace when Spade and Diamond show up and he barely got away while Vega is forced off the Faceless case to concentrate on Sonny Boy's new bunker. Ace and Cosmo learn the deadly potential of combining the silicon rod and titanium tube, it can penetrate any safe in the world but more importantly it causes everyone within five hundred miles to suffer a heart attack. Ace makes a connection between the bomb, Faceless, and Sonny Boy's bunker so he asks Vega to make a riddle for Faceless for her for Ace to got more time. Faceless solves it but it was too late for she and Ace duke it out for the third time.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich
  • Lieutenant Derek Vega
  • Miss LeSage
  • Professor Jonathan Surge


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