Etno Polino is the lavender-skinned alien who is the leader and the brains of the Aliens and one of the main characters of the animated series, Space Goofs. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche with an English accent.


He seems to have taken half of the Aliens' house to use as his science lab in the attic. With his ability to rationalize nearly everything using his own version of logic, Etno became the scientist, overall leader and the intelligent head of the Aliens. He always has an explanation, but unfortunately he is not always correct.

In addition his scientific research, he devoted himself into building and making various experiments, inventions and rockets with a good enough condition to get them back to their home planet, Zigma B.

Unfortunately, a last-minute incident in almost every episode prevents the Aliens from returning to their home planet leaving them stranded here on Earth, forever. In fact, not every episode goes by without developing a plan though, but always end up in a failed attempt.


Etno is calm and smart, but he can also be naive, easily annoyed and angered by the Aliens' stupidity as they always struggle to understand his plans and also, Bud's clumsiness.

He seems to be nice, quite generous and pretentious, and he is the last one to panic after the tenants come to the Aliens' house and his inventions and experiments plus their possessions are destroyed.


He is a slender lavender-skinned alien with teddy bear-like feet, eyes with red (green in Stupid Invaders) iris, slender arms, mouth with pink lips and a lavender tongue plus a red nose with pig-like nostrils.


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