Doku is a character, one of Katana School's students and Naginata's loyal followers (henchmen) and one of the antagonists from the animated series, Shuriken School.


His physical presence is imposing, which usually makes his opponents run away. But when it comes to concealment, his size is a real and muscular drawback. But also, he doesn't speak exactly like Pork and his mother still brings him lunch every day.


Describing his personality, he is awkward, slow, easily outwitted and he doesn't have much personality at all.


Doku is big and muscular with fair skin and a scar on his left eye, with black mustache-like dots on his upper mouth and also wears a salmon-red bandanna on the top of his head, his salmon-red and black ninja suit with black pants and salmon-red boots, plus he wears short salmon-red arm sleeve cuffs.


  • Doku is one of the two characters who doesn't speak, along with Pork.

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