Daisuke Togakame is one of Shuriken School's students and one of the main characters of the animated series, Shuriken School.


He is an arrogant, conceited and cowardly student who cares more about his hair than his studies of becoming a true and coolest ninja alike.

Nobody can beat him at kata, although that just impressed the girls in his old neighborhood. With time, the girls tired of the fact that he was all pose and never wen into action, so he decided to learn for real, and enrolled in Shuriken School. When faced with danger, he puts on a brave face, but usually ends up running away.

Learning to pretend even more his goal, because he never totally focuses on ninja learning and, although his cowardliness when facing real challenges in his Achilles' heal, he will start to overcome this problem during the school year.

As a ninja, it is hard for him to pass the tests, and in the end, his cool guy cover will be blown. However, he is good deep down and overcomes his problems. In the episode "Eizan's Shadow", Daisuke is seen not washing his hands after using the bathroom, suggesting poor hygiene habits.


Daisuke is a known coward, and is quick to run from a fight. However, he is not completely useless; his nimble fingers make him a very good tailor. He is very conceited. He is only concerned about his image and looking like a great fighter.


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