Croesus Crisis is the eighth (thirty-first (fifth) on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician.


Sonny Boy opens up a casino and Black Jack is furious. Sonny's henchmen attacks the Croesus Palace Casino while Mona is performing. She is saved by Ace who sits in the audience admiring her. Blackjack retaliates by manipulating the machines in Sonny's casino, allowing everybody to win, nearly ruining Sonny. He refuses to pay the won money to the winners. Out for revenge, Sonny pays an employee from Blackjack to bring him the lucky rabbit's paw of him. He gives it to the sorceress and Vodun practitioner, Scaras who uses the paw to manipulate Blackjack and drug him.

While Mona's father's health is deteriorating, Mona turns to Ace and asks for his help. Ace furiously tells her that Black Jack is a criminal and hates him, just like Ace despises Black Jack, and he refuses to help. Black Jack turns worser and worser and Mona comes in person to the Magic Express. She reminds Ace that he is responsible for her father's condition. Suddenly, there's a flashback that shows Ace and Jack fighting on a wooden beam over a raging fire. The beam breaks and Jack falls into the fiery depths. Ace says that was an accident, but he still felt guilty. Finally he agrees to help her and accompanies Mona to her father's chambers. Black Jack is delirious, talking about the accident and the gang as if it happened yesterday.

Ace reminds him that was 15 years ago, but Blackjack just keeps talking about how he doesn't blame Ace for the accident, how he never thought of Ace as the one who blew the whistle on them and talked to the cops. Mona wasn't there to hear that. Ace discovers that Black Jack was poisoned. He follows the trail to Scaras where he counters her magical spells with his own, but in the end he is grazed by a spear, which was poisoned. He falls into a drugged coma and is recused by Cosmo who frantically tries to find an antidote. Cosmo must find it fast before Ace and Black Jack dies.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Captain Friedrich (in a flashback)
  • Mona Malone


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