Cindy is Tom's sister and one of the main characters from the animated series, A Kind of Magic.


Like most teenagers, Cindy is locked in her room for hours and she is a fan of soap operas, especially the melodramas (except that she is crying like a Madeleine) and spends endless phone calls to her friends.


Stubborn, rebellious, and very romantic, Cindy knows that a better future awaits her. In Fairyland, she was responsible for cleaning the sewers of the kingdom, but in the Real World, she dreams of grand projects and a more agreeable life.

Like all teenagers (adolescents), she worries about being accepted by the other children at school. In general she opposes the use of magic because she considers it distasteful, but she makes use of it when it helps her accomplish what she wants.


Cindy is a slender humanoid hybrid (half ogre, half fairy, just like her brother, Tom) with fair skin with blush pink cheeks along with her long butter-blonde hair and lavender-blue eyes.


In the Real World, she wears a strawberry-pink shirt with primrose long-sleeves with her cool-grey denim blue pants and shoes, but in Fairyland, her hair is now longer with an orange star attached and wears a aqua-teal shirt with her ragged dark teal skirt and her Cinderella-like slippers.

In such episodes, even when she was in pajamas, she wears a light blue pants and a blue shirt with dark teal long sleeves.

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