Cartouche (also known in a long title as, Cartouche: Prince of the Streets and in French as, Cartouche: Prince des Faubourgs) is a French animated television series that contains only a season and 26 episodes. It was created by Eric-Paul Marais and was aired on October 3, 2001 through February 13, 2002. Also, it was broadcasted on M6 along with the M6 Kids Network in France and later rebroadcasted on Teletoon.


The main protagonist, the romantic eighteenth century hero, Cartouche comes to life in this new swashbuckling adventure and animated series.

A proud and ardent rebel has proclaimed himself as a friend of the poor, defender of the people and above all, archenemy of the evil and villainous Regent. Fearless and proud, he is everywhere and yet he remains untouchable.

Stealing from the rich to ease the burden of the poor (just like Robin Hood), Cartouche and his honorable outlaws brave danger in breathtaking duels and fiery sword fights. With wits as quick as their swords, their daring knows no bounds and their determination no failing in their pursuit of liberty and justice.

With wits as quick as their swords, their daring knows no bounds and their determination no failing in their pursuit of liberty and justice. Leap into the adventure with Cartouche and the Cartouchians!


In 1717, Louis XV is five years old. As long as the future king is a minor, France will be governed by the Regent, Philippe d'Orleans. The Regent is an intelligent and cultivated man, but he has little concern for the Parisians happiness. The Sun King's numerous wars have depleted the country's coffers. And yet France's aristocracy turns a blind eye and throws party after party. Drawn to the apparent wealth of Paris, the poor neighborhoods greet a steady stream of men and women fleeing rural poverty.

The Regent sees this as an unexpected gold mine, tax the poor people of Paris. The police are everywhere. Terribly oppressed, the good people of Paris have their hope rekindled when Cartouche shows up. Enthusiastic and with a good dose of mischief, Cartouche has the gift of being able to make the Regent look like a royal fool. He sabotages his various schemes, steals his taxes and redistributes them to the poor of Paris.

And the population of Paris returns the favor by turning him into their hero, by protecting him from the police and nicknaming him The Prince of the Streets. Helped by his faithful companions, Briar Rose, Granville, Gaston and Petit Pierre, Cartouche gives the people of Paris back their dignity that the Regent had robbed them of.

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