Bruce Chang is a 10-year old student, one of Katana School's students and Naginata's followers and one of the antagonists from the animated series, Shuriken School.


Bruce is a 10-year-old ninja student of Katana and is one of Naginata's loyal followers and also has a rivalry with Jimmy B., his most feared enemy. Bruce likes getting into fights and also, he sleeps with a teddy bear. He doesn't think before he acts and is constantly searching for direct confrontations.


Describing his personality, he is bad-tempered (which has a bad temper) and loud-mouthed (which he was also a loud mouth that is usually the catalyst for such skirmishes.), which coincidentally, gets the group into trouble. He is a brave, yet very senseless fighter but is very reckless, usually jumping into a battle without a second thought.


He is slender with fair skin, black hair and also, he is bare-chested with his black-pants with a salmon-red border, wears some bandage cuffs on his arms and also has salmon-red war paint on his face.


  • Bruce was voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who had also voiced Nobunaga and Jimmy B..

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