Behind the Orb-Ball is the tenth (thirty-third (seventh) on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician.


Skip Ramsdale, star of the Strikers team was playing a game of Flip-Ball, when an accident and is whisked off at the hospital. He is diagnosed with Flip-Ball Sleep, a strange illness that is affecting more and more pilots recently. Ace and Cosmo were present throughout the last Flip-Ball Game and Ace tells Cosmo he knew Skip for a long time, though they are no longer friends. Flashback: Skip tells Ace he wants to be part in of his tricks. Ace warns him the performing trick is dangerous, Skip claims that Flip-Ball is more dangerous and deadly and he can do it. The trick fails because Skip was locked inside a water tank and he lost the key and he nearly died.

Skip blames Ace for his own failure and ever since they were no longer on speaking terms. Ace and Cosmo visits Skip because Cosmo is a huge fan, but his dreams are shattered when he gets to know the bitter and angry Skip, who, to top it, takes vitalizing drugs. Skip treats Cosmo like a small child, insults Ace, and tells them to leave him alone. Ace takes some of the energy takes some of the energy pills and analyzes them. A foreign substance is found and they determine it's poison. Someone is taking out race pilots from both finalists for this year's championship.

But while the Pirates only lose members in the third line, the Strikers have lost most of their front row. It turns out that Black Jack is the one behind it. He bets $10,000,000 that the Pirates are going to win the final game. Sneaking around, Ace discovers an antidote in Clockwise's possession and turns over to the authorities. He then Skip's place in the final Flip-Ball Game, Cosmo tells him the rules and Ace enters the arena. He has problems flying the pinball, but he soon grows more or less used to it. Blackjack thinks Skip has recovered and sends Spade and Diamond to stop, but they are taken out by Ace's magic. Ace must win this game or else Blackjack takes it all. All for one, one for all.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Skip Ramsdale
  • The Strikers Flip-Ball Team


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