Bad Weather for the Magician is the thirtieth (thirty-eighth (twelfth) on Fox Kids) episode from the animated series, The Magician.


Ace has a new magic show with the magic trick is something to do with weather. Also, he creates thunder, lightning, energy suns, and small tornadoes. Mr. Alexander Zanoni, the organizer of the open air show, is extorted by a stranger. The stranger blackmails Zanoni and he wants one million Electro dollars or he will sabotage the show. Yet Zanoni refused and throws him out. As the show begins, two volunteers go on stage and the magic trick starts. Suddenly, everything starts going out of control as the extortionist pulls out a small device and creates a large storm which Ace can no longer control. Even though Cosmo reduces the energy input, the storm grows larger. Spectators flee in panic, some are injured but no one is seriously hurt. The media blames Ace for the disaster and Ace decides hold the tour as long as he doesn't know where the error lies.

Suddenly Zanoni pays a visit and explains that it wasn't Ace's fault. He had been blackmailed and didn't pay the money. Ace decides to continue the tour to catch the culprit. At another location, Ace informs the hotel owner, Barry Raven where he will perform, but he waves off any suspicious blackmailers. Ace notices that someone is hiding behind a half-closed door and reveals the blackmailer, but the stranger takes the hotel owner hostage and flees. Ace and Cosmo chases after him but they lost him throughout a boat chase due to an unusual weather change, the sunny and clear sky suddenly turn into a snowy day with fog. Ace investigates the strange weather phenomenon that has been appearing recently.

There had reports like two farms on a country had an unusual accident, one of the barns had hail while didn't. Ace decides visit a meteorologist named Zoran Spring whose the only that predicts these phenomena while other weather channels predict only sunshine. Zoran in the meantime, chastises his henchman for attacking Ace, but the goon retorts that Ace is only a magician and can't be half as smart as everyone else thinks he is. Zoran possesses a weather control machine that is connected to four satellites space and he recklessly uses it for his own purposes. Ace and Cosmo drive to Zoran's home in the middle of the desert. On their way, they are surprised to see a thunderstorm that smashes the Magic Rider so bad that they are both thrown out.




  • Duc Paparazzo
  • Alexander Zanoni
  • Barry Raven


  • Zoran Spring

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