"Babysitting" (also known as "Baby-Sitting") is the 20th episode from Season 1 of the animated series, A Kind of Magic.


Cindy goes off to do some baby-sitting, delighted to make extra money so easily. But taking care of Baby is harder than she thinks and she soon has a nightmare on her hands. She calls Tom for help, and he turns up with His Highness. The three of them try various tactics to calm Baby down, using the wand, of course!

Everything seems to be okay at last, until Baby grabs the wand and grows to Gregore-size! Worse, Giant Baby grabs His Highness to play with… the nightmare has just begun! and recuperate his friend’s iPod. All’s well that ends well except for a major problem. He can’t “re-transform” himself!



  • Baby
  • Baby's Parents
  • Miss Tinker (mentioned)


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