Ace Cooper (known as The Magician) is a character, the world's most famous magician and the titular main protagonist from the animated series of the same name.


He is the greatest and most famous international magic star (stage magician) in the world, and Electro City's self-appointed defender with his sidekick/assistant Cosmo, and a crime buster. But when he was a victim of a terrible manipulation when he was a child, Ace has sworn that never again, will he allow someone to dupe him.

He hasn't always been so popular, even though, when he was a teenager, Ace was led astray by Blackjack (now his worst enemy) into working for him. Not to be fooled again, Ace spent many years working hard and meditating to finally gain the understanding of magic he has today.

Now, he's a darling of the media, an annoyance to Captain Frederick, a thorn in the side for criminals, and a hero to most everyone.


Ironic, heroic, fearless and refined, Ace is gallant and also a bit mysterious. He is dead set against the frivolous materialism of most of his peers.

Physical appearance

He is slender and muscular with fair skin and black hair with white hair strands, black eyebrows and light blue eyes.


When he was in regular form as Ace Cooper, he wears a white long sleeved shirt with a dark plum (crimson border) suit-jacket and opera gloves, a cape with red in the inside and dark primrose on the outside with black collars, pants with a purple belt and yellow strips on his leggings and black boots.

Also, when he was in superhero form as the Magician, he wears a taupe-gray suit with a half red mask logo design, a dark-plum cape with the red on the inside with collars and also with the logo, blue gloves, a golden belt with a black and red buckle and black boots with golden strips on the top.

Powers and Abilities

He uses his magic and illusions to defend himself and his friends, and to catch any stray bad guys along the way. He has caught the eyes of many ladies, including Mona, Ava Sherone, Yokiko, Nausica, and just about any other female in the series.

Also, he hides the fact that he also can perform actual magic when he assumes his superhero form, (The Magician) where he quotes, "Magic force. Reveal the power within!" which also changes his outfit.


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