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This is a list of episodes containing only a season and 26 episodes from the animated series, A Kind of Magic.

Season 1

# Title Airdate
1 Memory Gaps Unknown
2 Meet The Parents Unknown
3 Trust Unknown
4 Framed! Unknown
5 Big Love Unknown
6 Uncle Sandman Unknown
7 The Ventriloquist Unknown
8 Wishing Powder Unknown
9 What Big Teeth You Have Unknown
10 Ugly, Idle & Nasty Unknown
11 When An Ogre Loves A Fairy Unknown
12 A Dog's Life Unknown
13 A Fairytale Wedding Unknown
14 The Truth, Nothing But The Truth Unknown
15 An Awkward Visit Unknown
16 Family Matters Unknown
17 Peekaboo Tom! Unknown
18 The Wand's Burial Unknown
19 Lovely Dragon Unknown
20 Baby-Sitting Unknown
21 Whatever You Wish Unknown
22 Daddy Un-Cool Unknown
23 Deep Freeze Unknown
24 Mosquito Fairy Unknown
25 Only Child Unknown
26 Home Sweet Home Unknown


  • There is a second season that is currently in production and in the works to be released soon.

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